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FAQs about Life Coaching

I'm afraid of success. How can coaching help me?


A coach can help you put your finger on just what it is that happens when you start to “succeed”. What are your afraid of? What would you gain by overcoming your fear? Do you want it badly enough to try? As an alternative, you can try to find out why you are afraid to succeed. Perhaps this has to do with some earlier failures in your life which you have taken quite hard. In that case, I suggest you contact a therapist.

How can coaching help me focus?


Let me give you an example: If you are the sort of person who wants to place the needs of others before your own and you feel that you cannot manage your situation, a coach can help you learn to choose to say no and make yourself the priority. The coach helps you to lower the stress-level that such a heavy strain entails. When you are no longer under stress, you can start working on building a positive focus.

What will we talk about?


How you are
  • How you are looking at your life.
  • What you feel good about.
  • What you are struggling with.
  • What you need personally to accomplish your goals.
What has happened since the last call
  • What has occurred to you since the last call.
  • Breakthroughs and insights.
  • Any new choices or decisions you made.
What you are working on
  • Progress report on your goals and activities.
  • What you’ve done that you are proud of.
  • What you are struggling against.
What is next
  • What is the next goal or project to take on?
  • What is the next goal orachievement to attain?
  • What do you want for yourself next?
How your coach can help you
  • Get motivated and unstuck.
  • Get clarity on something you have been wondering about.
  • Make a plan of action and get started on it.

How are Personal Coaching and Therapy alike and different?


In both, the client enters into a professional, confidential relationship to make some life changes. Communication is an essential part of this change process. Over time, with regular on-going sessions: change is expected to occur.

Therapy focuses on healing and correcting past problematic behavior, while Life Coaching is more positive and motivational and focuses on helping the client maximize and get the most quality out of living their Life. 

It is largely a difference of perspective and goals, for example:

    Coaching Model
    • Create and achieve specific goals, values and desires
    • Maximize personal fulfillment and achievement in life
    • Explore possibilities and create a vision for the future and live it
    • Maximize satisfaction and enjoyment in life
    • Based on learning and putting goals into action
    • Focused on discovering one's strengths, talents, abilities and applying own knowledge
  • A co-creative partnership to promote positive change, inspiration, self-discovery, balance and design a better life
    Therapy Model
    • Relieve or eliminate symptoms of pain and suffering
    • Stabilize and restore pre-illness level of functioning
    • Correct the wrongs and hurts of the past to restore the present
    • Minimize and avoid further pain, suffering and problems
    • Based on the medical model of treating an illness
    • Focused on symptoms and a diagnosis of one's problematic behaviors and problems
  • Therapist as the expert and client as the patient trying to resolve issues and restore health

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