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Certified Life Coach Dr. Karen McGibbon has spent over 20 years coaching inidividuals, couples and groups to living happier, healthier and more successful lives. As a trained professional counselor she is also able to quickly assess whether her clients are ready for coaching or if they may need some initial psychological intervention to achieve the best possible outcome.

What is Coaching? Coaching is a partnership. When you work with a coach, you partner with them in a thought-provoking and creative process. Coaches can help you to find inspiration and maximize your personal potential. They also help you to ask the right questions so that you can find your own solutions to the challenges you face. Through coaching, you can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Live Free Coaching Services offers affordable, private, certified and professional Life Coaching services to individuals, couples, groups, parents and adolescents

Coaching over the phone or face-to-face?  There is no problem with your coach being in another city/town or country altogether. Being coached over the phone, Skype or even Google Hangout has the advantage of making it easier for you to be more open and it is also quicker to get sessions started. In fact, coaching takes place much more often over the phone than it does face-to-face! On the other hand, many people find it pleasant to meet at the beginning of the relationship in order to establish a personal contact and to put faces to each others names.

Coaching can help you to:

  • Discover your strengths and talents
  • Make informed decisions about how to manage stress successfully
  • Learn ways to stay healthy and balanced in your life
  • Learn more about yourself and your relationship with others
  • Enhance your academic and organizational skills
  • Develop a personal mission statement 
  • Work toward goals that you choose

"Live Free Coaching is the perfect place to create the partnership that can transform your life!"



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